Dear friends, prog lovers, and random passers-by!

As we have already mentioned in our previous blog, our goal for 2024 was to release a live album to celebrate what Skywound has evolved into in the process of combat testing during the numerous live shows we’ve played in the course of last two years.
The album, recorded during the private show in Ghent is now entering the stage of mastering, and we’re proud to announce the release date, new shows, and some more details!

First off, it is the first Transport Aerian album not produced by myself, as this time the production, mixing and mastering is trusted to Charles Férec, a French sound engineer and fellow progressive metal musician, whose main expertise is live sound, but he’s also working a as a sound engineer working in the « Studio la Sellerie » (France). Charles did tremendous job deciphering the vivid dynamics of live album tracking, was performed by Lukja Vanaverbeke during our live performance, and I’m over the moon to hear what Transport Aerian could sound if I gave a lot of freedom of interpretation to my fellow producers, focusing only on music!

Here is what Charles have to say about the production process:

« I’m Charles Férec, guitar player in the French band « Ceild » and more recently in « Amort ». I’m also a live sound engineer. Two years ago I decided to work more and more in studio productions, as it’s always fascinating me. It’s been a very long way, but today I’m glad to work with bands like Transport Aerian! I’m trying to do it with love and passion to give the best sounding result for each song I’m working on. Mixing the « Live in Ghent » album was a trip, very pleasant. I had to deal with song that have many faces, many different ambiances and also very dynamic. Each songs deserved its own mix to reveal their very personal identity. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I loved working on that live album! »

Just like on our preceding live album Love.Blood.Live from 2014, we omitted audience sounds or between the songs interactions from the record, immersing solely into the performance.

Second off: the live album will be released in Belgium and world-wide by Melodic Revolution Records on 16 March 2024 following the live presentation show in the legendary Hell, with the support of two lovely special guests: modern industrial metal extravaganza of October Changes and very special progressive metal guests from France Esprit d’Escalier!

The release show will be followed by a series of concerts in Belgium, Netherlands and France under the title Exit Skywound – which possibly will be the last chance to experience current set-list live – and grab one of the few remaining copies of original Skywound album, as we intend to say goodbye to this programme and move on to something new after the live album tour is concluded.
We hope you join us on this journey to celebrate progressive rock music.
And let’s have a drink together.

Kind regards,
Hamlet Transport Aerian